The process of developing our eco-fashion footwear gathering begins with games of organic fibers and textiles with specific knowledge and applications available artisan. Through ancient craft processes and techniques we are creating a high quality footwear that ensures a combination of comfort, style, and durability. We work with cotton canvas which is made ​​by hand, it is a sustainable product with the environment and produced locally in Ecuador.

Through our traditional process we are able to focus on attention to detail and design, while carefully elaborated our collection. At the same time , we are able to provide jobs to talented people and promote economic growth in small indigenous communities.

Testimonials artisans

  • Interview with Luz Maria Ajala, Otavalo artist 1

    "For my family and me is very gratifying to have the opportunity to work with Pancos, thanks to the work that we have been able to improve our lives and to solve any expenses of my children in their studies, I am very happy about that and my children feel motivated to continue learning from our work." Luz Maria is one of our weavers, he is responsible for developing the textile fiber on a hand loom, skill and enthusiasm to work is unique and is reflected in the quality of their work. This office is one of the first communities in the north and center of Ecuador that endured for centuries and one of our objectives is to rescue and strengthen these practices leading to a sustainable development of the environment and communities.

About us

Pancos is an Ecuadorian-based footwear brand for men and women that believes in quality, fair trade practices, and sustainable fashion. Our shoes are handmade by artisanal shoemakers in the Andean Region using authentic locally sourced materials. Instead of producing cheap, fast footwear in low quality factories like the rest of the industry, Pancos are carefully crafted by skilled artisans in Ecuador with an emphasis on better craftsmanship and higher quality materials.

We want to be a brand that incentivizes and shows other entrepreneurs around the world that they can create projects that are different from what we are used to in the fast fashion industry. We want to be the change. We want to show that they can make money and be profitable by doing good.